Event Space FAQs
How to operate the digital door lock, lighting and air-con switches.
How to operate the audio mixer.
How to operate the bluetooth speaker.
House Rules.
  1. STRICTLY no attaching of stickers, blue tac or any adhesives on the walls of the Venue. Repair fees for any damages to the wall(s) will be solely borne by you.
  2. No smoking within Venue.
  3. No burning or use of any open flame devices within the Venue.
  4. No dancing and jumping on the mezzanine level (2nd level). Please limit to maximum 40 pax at any one time on the mezzanine level.
  5. No pets (unless you have prior consent from us).
  6. Please keep music and noise level to the minimum after 10.00pm.
  7. Food consumption allowed within the Venue but please clear all waste after consumption. Refuse bins located at level 1 carpark area.
  8. Alcohol consumption allowed but please drink responsibly.
  9. Please clean up after your event. We provide vacuum cleaner and other cleaning tools in our mini-storeroom for your use.
  10. Please switch off all lights and air-conditioning when you leave the Venue for the day.
  11. If you are hosting an event, please apply for the relevant permits and licenses.
  12. We advise you to purchase general liability insurance for your event if necessary.

Venue for Rent

Contact us to arrange a viewing or find out more about the space.