The Merlion
At first glance this painting could very well pass as the back of a postcard. It is indubitably iconic and well-known, a staple for any Singaporean collection.

However, I painted this rich with guilt, earnest apologies, and a twang of embarrassment.

Why? It was 20xx and three of my late mother’s friends were visiting Singapore for the first time. Their one request? To see the majestic Merlion! I packed them into my car, set on granting their wish.

With a furrowed brow, I began to drive in circles. Round and round we went, further and further was the fishtailed lion.

I am a Singaporean…I promise.

It was years later when I stumbled upon the elusive sight (What a discovery!).

So with guilt, apologies, and a shade of embarrassment, I painted what I saw and sent a copy of it to the deprived friends.
Oil on canvas

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